Middle School Bullying

There is a big difference between elementary school bullying and middle school bullying. We find that in elementary school they tend to use more direct bullying like punching, kicking, tripping, some forms of exclusion as well.

When it comes to middle school stats show that 90% of bullies are just average kids. They have lots of friends, they do well in school and they are liked by their teachers. What makes them bully is that they are socially popular.

The girls seem to increase in bullying behavior because they do more of the indirect bullying. Mean stares, gossiping, exclusion and online rumours.
The teachers have a great difficulty catching girls because girls bully within side of their social group. They have one QUEEN BEE who controls the rest of the girls.

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Bullies in middle school want all bystanders to think that they are ratting or snitching when they speak up to an adult. The reason for this is that bullies need bystanders to stay complacent because they bully away from people in authority like teachers, principals and even you as parents.
We need to teach our children that telling an adult is getting someone out of trouble and ratting or snitching is getting someone into trouble.

When bystanders speak up it allows counselors to help bullies with conflict resolution and lean empathy towards others.

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Middle School Bullying


Are you Ratting or Snitching?